Try being feral. New body shape, new gait, new perspective. Big or small tails, long or stubby legs, or no legs at all. Talking in sounds and scents. Towering high, or small and hidden in the walls, or somewhere in between. Go solo, or in pairs or packs or swarms. Have fun!~

Riding tack that turns you into a giant badger mount, bridled and saddled.
Upgrades that make you an even bigger wolverine coach, seats twelve~ 🧡

Science: 💜
Magic: 💜
Gently whispering "hyena" into an ear: eee~ 💜💜💜

"I got you ferret treats!"
"But I'm not a ferret?"
As soon as you said it, you realised what would happen. Dook dook~ ❤️

You're a hyena.

So is everyone else: inside, outside, on TV. Not just hyenas, but clones of the same hyena. Spots, ears, tail, muzzle. Identical. Size, shape, voice, all the same. Your individual thoughts mingled with hyena thoughts.

You love being a hyena. Don't you? ❤️

clinic home visits. A cute opossum at the door, bringing food and drinks, some time to relax before she changes you. Be the you that you should be.

Plenty of time to get accustomed to your new self. Minor adjustments if you want them.
All sorted? Have a wonderful day~

Choose your own :
When you:
* put on a collar
* take off a collar
* see a collar
* see a picture of a collar
* imagine a collar
You will turn into a:
* puppy
* kitty
* skunk
* collar
* collar tag
* a day
* a week
* a month
* a year
* you don't know how long~

Booked in for a massage, but it turned out to be a hands-on session instead. Kneaded, soft, fur under fingers, little ears, little tail, chrrr...
I don't mind, I just hadn't planned to be a raccoon today~ 🧡

Try our body exchange app, Swapd! Whether for an hour, a day, or longer. For all sapients, organic or synth, AI or otherwise. Some of us try not to return to the same body twice, so every day is something new~

Goo skunk was in an elastic mood today. We thought we'd see how far goo could stretch, but there was an accident and, um, goo flew right into you. Splat.

Not only have you merged completely, but you're now a 2D goo skunk on the wall. Cute though~ 🧡

Squeaking and shrinking,
long pointed whiskers,
muzzle pushing out,
eyes darting about,
down so fast that
wind rushes by,
clothes loose,
world so big,
there's you;
shiny eyes,
little paws,
quiet, soft,
tangly tail,
cute ears,
fluffy fur,

*is crow, keeps turning self into crow*
"You know you need to counterspell all of those to turn back, right?"

You scritch under my chin as I shudder, my little snout drawn out, digits brushing over new whiskers. Can't stop your touch between my ears, tugging at my scruff.
"Good ferret," you say, and it's true. Tail flicking. Good ferret. I'll be a good ferret. Dook dook~

An accident swaps you and your Goodra. Takes some getting used to, but as the weeks go by without any change, you're getting used to it.

Then, the Goodra in your body gets turned into a Lycanroc. Oops!

The pokécentre says this sort of thing is surprisingly common... ✨

Being possessed by a spirit that likes to you a lot, often in unhelpful ways at the least convenient times.
Trying to sleep? Why not be a bat!
Warm day? You'll be the fluffiest sheep!
Dog walkers? And there's you sprouting kitty whiskers, meow...~

Mood: accidentally bringing your tail to life as your familiar. Turns out to be lovely, even if they do end up snacking rather too often~

Mood: bodypillow is fun, but um if it's okay I thought I'd be a regular pillow instead. helping you drift off, comfy all night, chasing away bad dreams...

Get into a good book.
By which I mean
be pulled into the pages,
squashed and flattened,
flowing into the words and letters,
changing them under you-

-to wake up dazed, confused,
as a familiar, a cute lemur,
perched on a shoulder,
keen to live the rest of your story~

Landing on a pooltoy,
sinking into the pooltoy,
merging with the pooltoy,
like two bubbles squished together
until with a nice shivery *pop*
you're left as a pooltoy,
bobbing in the water.

Squeak! 💙

This mad science ray gun is so effective, there's a good chance you'll transform into a helpful fluffy lab assistant just from looking at it.

Speaking of which. Don't just stand there fawning over it, I need everyone in hazmat suits and over to room five, straight away~ ✨

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