TF tweet requests! Give me three words and I'll see what I can do. :D

(Won't necessarily do all of them, but let's see what happens)

furry TF, spoken, you 

I- um, so I know you like TF, and I was just wondering if you'd like to try out my raccoon potion, because, ah, I think you'd look very cute like that, and-
ooh, you're j-just gonna drink it all right away-
here comes your tail and ears and paws and stripes and fur and colours and clothes looking a little big on you, chrr, squeak-
hey, you okay? you like?
good, um, y- you know, if it was ok... could I hug you?
squee, so warm <3

furry TF, spoken, you 

@nall I am an enthusiastic supporter of raccoon potions!

pooltoy, tf, amnesia, you 

Swimming in the sea was so relaxing. Fresh air, so much space. A family on the sand watches their beach ball float out to you.

Odd. You've done this before.
Those colourful stripes.
Where did your ball go?
How long has it been?
Your body remembers a whole new you. No, an old you. Your nanites shift as you dive, and stretch, and grow; smooth, flippers, tail...

Balancing the ball on your giant silvery sea lion nose, you fling it back to shore~ 💙

pooltoy, tf, amnesia, you 

@nall that was an absolute joy to read! oort! thank you!

tf, multi, boop, you 



Just a touch of the nose, and the pine marten was a wiggly, swarming collection of much smaller martens, tumbling into a pile and standing up again, dooking, looking up at you.

Perching on each other, they booped you back. Suddenly you were two, three, five, more; tails and snoots, ears and paws popping up, as though being a sea of tiny raccoons was the most natural thing.

Well, it had to grow on you. What's better than a hug? Many hugs at once!

tf, multi, modular, you 

Joining a swarm was a big deal, but the Sett were glad to have you. Shiny badgers attended to you. You'd be like them soon.

Slowly replaced. Calibrated. Feet and hands, arms and legs, unplugged, replugged with badger limbs. Your limbs. Smooth, clawed. Lower and upper body. Tail.

For a day you're both heads, old and new. Looking into your own eyes before being swapped over, a complete badger, new swarm thoughts close by. Welcome to the Sett. 💜

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