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Getting some odd behaviour: various toots with images, boosts, follow requests aren't reaching me; I can't always find accounts to follow in my client even though they exist; sometimes accounts show up with empty profiles.

Not sure what's up but if you're not hearing from me, that might be why!

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Looking at tags for different streams of content, rather than different accounts. Will try out for transformation microfics, like I'd put on ^^

implied #tf, swap, magic 

Evening magic classes. A familiar and their witch secretly train each other during the day, with the aim to swap places once they learn how to. ❤️❤️

#tf, you 

Eep, no, nothing strange happening, you say, hands behind your back -- before they *poof* into giant wings.

You'd explain, but your beak just started coming in, so that'll have to wait~ ❤️🐦

#tf, goo, you 

when the TF goo flows,
trickling, running down;
maybe ears, snoot, paws,
maybe whiskers, horns,
drip, drip, drip.

colours or patterns,
fuzzy, shiny, scaley,
pooling at your feet,
building up a tail,
drip, drip, drip.

how do you look?
how do you feel?
all good?~ 💜💚

#tf, feral, mind, you 

You miss being a marten.
They said the tail and fur patches would fade in time, but they haven't.
Being human feels strange now.
Too big, too clumsy,
barely sensing the world.
The first time was an accident,
but now, you're changing on purpose.
Yes, you're sure. So sure. 🧡

#tf (?), you 

Paws against the glass, surprise, disbelief. That's you. It's always been you, but there's knowing that, and then there's really seeing those eyes. Your eyes.

The spectre thinks you're upset because you don't want it. You'll put on a good act until they're gone. 💜

#tf, relax, you 

Let go of your worries. Have a break. Be a red panda for a while. See, here's your ears, your fur, your paws and tail. I'm finding them, you're feeling them, what do you think? All good? You're just making wah sounds. Ah, head nodding, there we go. Have fun, cutie~ ❤️🧡

#tf (?), inanimate (?) 

This organic creature is very curious. It's intelligent, but I can't seem to communicate with it. Wonder if it even knows I'm alive?

I can change its configuration pretty easily, so it matches up with others I've seen. It's giving off more heat and vibrations. So weird... 💎

#tf, synth, you 

Digitise. Become synthetic. You've picked your chassis, your materials, your colours, and now there's just you and the button that says OK.

Could be you've hit OK already. Very reasonable. ❤️

Or maybe it's fun to linger at this moment, and take your time. 💜



#tf, feral, you 

Someone is slowly turning you into a squirrel. You don't know who, or why.

As the weeks pass, getting smaller, fur and claws, nose and ears, even a tail, you're still none the wiser.

But today, it finally makes sense, once you hear those sweet words:
"Come here, familiar~" ✨

implied #tf, meta 

this guide explains how to change yourself into a badger, using (at time of writing) common household items

it doesn't explain how to change back, but the style suggests the writer has no interest in that

we can confirm it still works 🖤🤍

#tf (?), you 

You okay? You must be so uncomfortable in that human 'suit. Here, let me help.

Goodness, such warm fur, lovely feathers, smooth hide, shiny scales; you should let them out more.
I know, it takes ages to get back in disguise, but it's so worth it.

Doesn't that feel better? ❤️

#tf, shiny latex, you 

Latex kangaroo 'suit. One size fits all. That's because it will turn you into a kangaroo when it's zipped up, so of course it'll fit you like a glove. 💙

#tf, you 

Ahh, organic Earth critters are so fun! I found out your DNA can be hacked through your senses, so I just pop a paw on your face, and the right mix of sounds and lights and scents and tastes and touches will turn you into a giggly hyena. Like so~ 💙💙

#tf, you 

I'm the one daydreaming about being a binturong, but you're the one who's changing. Stubby, capable paws; round, whiskered face; tufty ears, deep grey fur, and a tail that goes on and on. It's a shape I really enjoy, and I very much hope you do too~ 💜

#tf, toy, digital, mind 

I'm a toy. I'm shiny, smooth, tactile.
I'm online, so you can whisper right into my ears. That's why I'm a badger today--
or a skunk, just told to be a skunk, there's my tail and paws, snoot and patterns, already changing~ ✨

#tf, familiar, you 

Your help is very welcome,
though the process is intense;
bottle unstopped, grey smoke
tracing a wolf shape around you,
in your body, your thoughts,
twisting, squeezing, changing,
until you're a wolf familiar.

And what then? Companion, assistant, riding creature, all three? ✨

#tf, tail, snug, you 

The giant binturong's tail gently ushers you into its curls. Soft to touch, firmer to press; snaking around and wrapping you once, twice, more.

Up you come.

Dazed, delighted, their warmth seeps into you over the day; teasing out fur and whiskers, tugging your tufty ears... 💜

#tf, silly 

Morning! Sorry, have to apologise for my shape changing every few seconds, there's a little bug squeak squeak working on. Meow're you today~? ✨

#tf, affection, relax, you 

Pet pet the ferrets. Snuggle up to their fur. Be lost in those bright, shiny eyes. Unwinding, stretching, relaxing. Feel your paws, your claws, your fur. The twitch of ears, the touch of snoots, the flick of a tail. You're a ferret, a warm and cosy ferret, among friends. Dook~ ❤️

#tf, affection, mind, swirly, you 

Cryptid? Space hyena. Shyly accepting their offer of a smooch. Mmf. So much tongue. Swirly. Dazed.

Ears next, nice and deep. Smoothing out old thoughts, teasing at new ones. Relaxing, passionate sighs.

Then, changing your ears. Shaping your muzzle. Is this okay? Gosh, yes. 🧡

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