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For the past few weeks there's an issue with where I'm not seeing any other toots outside of my instance, so if you're trying to get hold of me and I haven't responded, that's why. ^^; Hopefully can sort that out soon.

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Looking at tags for different streams of content, rather than different accounts. Will try out for transformation microfics, like I'd put on ^^

Strapped down. Sounds from the shadows. Wet wuff kisses, long tongue; drippy, drooly, smoochy. Then three heads, three slick tongues, fighting for space. Your muzzle grows, fur sprouts and tail wags. Those straps won't hold you for long, but they're not supposed to. 🧑

Imagine, when changing your shape is like changing your clothes.

Embrace your freedom of expression. Celebrate your personal revolution. Make dysphoria a thing of the past.

Never doubt, you deserve to be you.

Dear you,

We'd love to have you as Izzy the shark!

So much so, that your skin is changing colour, and you should be growing fins and a tail as you read this.

It's not just a voice role, it's a whole new you. Let's get you uploaded straight away. See you soon, Izzy~

Tail. Stuck on your butt. It just keeps on stretching and stretching until you get longer and longer. So slinky. Short legs, no legs; little arms, no arms. Head, body, tail. You noticed, but you're so eager to be the biggest, sweetest, most cuddly snake. Hssss...~

Beak. Stuck on your face. Stretches when you pull it. Snaps back when you let go. The more you struggle, the more it spreads, the more you change. So comfy. So warm. Wrapped in soft shiny rubber. Made of soft shiny rubber.

Who's a good bird?
You know it's you. ❀️

On my mind as I have a crow hoodie from Apoxon and so I'm just wrapped up in cosy wings being a crow. It is the best. πŸ–€

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Just a reminder that you can be anything. Explore as much as you want, work out who you are. And, if you shift around a lot, that's fine too! So long as you're you. πŸ’œ

Congratulations, it took some doing but you've trapped crow in the form of a shiny staff with a stylised crow head on top.
Now there's crows everywhere. Didn't take long. Somehow you found a way for crow to be even more transformative than ever. Caw!~ :>

It isn't just that you're merging with the goo. The goo is also merging with you, and it's pretty excited to get to know you. πŸ’œ

(I'm sure this is based on something but I couldn't find a link. Anyone know?)

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"Sorry for the wait. We're about 20 years behind," said the fairy, oblivious to your surprise.

"Let's see, you wished to be a dragon! There you go! You have a good day."

Gone, in a cloud of dust, leaving you; long, scaly, horns and claws, too big for the room.

What now?

Crow was lots of things to wear. A sweet hat, some comfy clothing, coat and shoes and everything. Dressed up in finest crow.

Dry clean? Well, there's this option to degauss

caw, caw

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My hobby: using "degauss" in when you become more generic, such as a YCH, blank features, puddle of goo, etc

Preferably by TF trigger overload: too much magic, too long in the machine, too much Aura, most things crow does~

The mirror shows your future: where you'll be an hour from now.

You don't recognise the area. But you can see yourself transforming; huge black wings, long beak, heavy talons, body drowned in feathers. Caw. Caw.

Soon you'll turn into a giant crow, and you've no idea why. πŸ–€

You wake up as a potion-skunk. Light blue from head to tail, fluid and bubbly, four little paws and a big bouncy tail.

Feeling the powerful urge to travel. Magic swirling inside you. What kind of spell are you, anyway? You'll just have to deliver yourself and find out~ πŸ’™

Some days, your disguise feels paper-thin. Teeth and claws, fur and paws, just out of sight. A flash of stripes, a glimpse of a tail. Surely someone has to notice.

But they don't. Or they don't want to admit it. Or maybe they're just cool with you being a tiger. 🧑

The witch asked for a puppy tonight. They were not expecting you in gear, playful and horny.
But they can work with this. Make you a permanent, colourful pup. No words, only barks. Turn your senses and urges way up. The night is young, pup, and there is much to be done.

Let's say you could be a figment of someone's imagination, made real. You'd be whatever they have in mind for you.

Would you? Is there anyone you'd like to dream you up? ❀️

I wish you a great tail. πŸ’œ
Bold, fluffy, skunky; let it keep spilling out, filling the room, stripes and softness, bigger than the rest of you. Swish, sway. A tail to lose yourself in. Mmm...

Every second that passes is a little more size you've lost. See you in a few hours, when you're nice and smol~

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