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Looking at tags for different streams of content, rather than different accounts. Will try out for transformation microfics, like I'd put on ^^

Today's evening/early morning dissertation chapter is brought to you by oranges, Belgian beer, and prog rock radio.

Sent it out, closed stuff down, and then Roundabout started playing for extra dramatic tension. :p


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Just watching that skunk tail. Swish and sway, side to side, right round. It's hypnotic. It's easy to copy along, as though you're swishing your very own skunk tail. It's fun to oblige, to give you so much skunk tail to wiggle, more and more. Just swish and sway~



tf, merge, shy, you 

Oh um, I-I don't like to make a fuss, but I couldn't help but notice you're merging with me?

That's so weird, isn't it? Aw, it happens, don't worry about it

But, ah, you know, not really an ideal time to be half-cat, nobody will recognise us

Though we do look kinda cute...

implied tf, meta, multi, you 

so if Two Legs looks okay, maybe you'll like the sequel, Four Legs

and if you liked Four Legs then Six Legs is gonna blow your mind

but wait, there's more <3

implied tf, clone, reality, meta, you 

The topic of this post is gentle reality shifting, so I thought I'd start by imagining you were a clone of me, because by the end of this sentence you will be. πŸ’œ

tf, inorganic, ship, mind, you 

It's okay, I can explain! We're still looking into the teleporter accident, but your energy pattern is now part of the starship so, um, you are the Peregrine now.

I need you to remember how to fly. Can you do that? It must be in your memory somewhere, it'll come to you...

tf, melt, toy, hypno, latex, you 

You, drizzled with latex, kneaded and squeezed and warmed until you melt, moulded and shaped, plumped with air, birdy beak and wings, big squeaky chocobo.

You, reconfigured, uploaded with memories, swirly-eyed, can only wark or kweh or squirrk...

You, the adorable toy. πŸ’›

tf, plush, hypnosis, you 

You really don't remember being my giant plushie dragon? I didn't think you'd stay hypnotised this long!

Sorry about that. Come be big and cuddly again. Up you go, with plush ears and horns, soft tail and belly; cute snoot, squishy, polyfilled. Best dragon toy. πŸ’œ

tf, pokemon, liquid, merge/swap 

Vaporeon melts into water, gets secretly drunk by their trainer, takes control. Changes them into a vappy 'morph as they watch, then squeezes and pushes them down through vappy tail until they pop out as a brand new Eevee.

And hey, the pokΓ©ball still works on them. Return~

tf, inanimate, toy, mind, you 

Long kiss. Deep puffs plump up your body. Smooth silky squishy squeaky, from your fine flippers to your teasy tail~

You pull away but your air rushes out, deflating, stumbling, flattening, empty body and empty mind, letting it all go, such a nice new blank sea lion toy~


tf, digital, mind, you 

[now installing]
[tail ... OK]
not yet, where's cancel
[arms ... OK]
help I can't
[legs ... more legs ... OK]
[head ... OK]
[ears ... ... OK]
[sync ...]
[158,313 fennectaurs found]
[welcome to]

tf, intimate, real you 

just sing loud, fill your ears until your silly illusion fades and memories cut through and your stripes and tail come back and your mind reaches out and we can talk again
and oh gosh you're looking great
you look different, smell different, wouldn't have thought you'd be human for so long without being changed by it,
of course you're still my sibling, I care, there aren't many space lemurs and family is important
and once your antennae grow back in we've a lot to share <3

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tf, intimate, real you 

desperately wanting to get through to you and I've tried so many things and then I guess I just start singing
and you light up and holy shit I'm beside myself I throw everything at that song because it has to work
and it does; there's fur, ears, paws, you're really awakening
and I don't even recall what the song is, something we heard long ago,

tf, quick, you 

You wake up while changing into a giant fruit bat. Left the wings for you to enjoy: hands and arms stretching, growing, spread wide. You're welcome~ πŸ’œ

implied tf, merge, perma 

Application for permanent fusion:

By signing, we agree to forego our individuality, allow our bodies to merge and our minds to blend together, so completely mingled as to be indistinguishable.

By returning here in two weeks, we accept this will last indefinitely.


tf, latex, wishful, you 

Shiny latex paint
trickling down,
covering you up,
making you new;
maybe it's up to me,
you're a silky orca
or a squeaky civet
or a shiny crow, caw!
maybe it's up to you,
just as you desire,
or you'll discover
who you really are~ πŸ’œ

tf, mind, nimbat, you 

You say.
"Hmm. No, let's go with Fidget instead."
Huh- but that's what you said...

Odd question.
"I'll pretend you said nimbat."
Wait- why would they need to pretend? That's what you are.

And you feel so good! Almost like you're brand new~ πŸ’›

tf, feral, shrink 

Coffee? Maybe just a little.
I had this old trigger
where my tail would *poof* out,
and my ears would *fluff* up,
and my paws, *pop pop pop pop*,
red fur, tuft ears, soft beans,
down I'd shrink, *eee*,
into the coffee cup,
happy coffee squirrel;
a little is plenty~ 🧑

implied tf, taur, plural, merging, you 

Being a taurhalf takes lots of training, and a bit of luck. You'll get to know each other, finding your best match; we'll teach you everything we can to prepare you for merging, blending, plural taur life.

We've had our ups and downs, but wouldn't trade it for anything. πŸ’œπŸ’›

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