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For the past few weeks there's an issue with where I'm not seeing any other toots outside of my instance, so if you're trying to get hold of me and I haven't responded, that's why. ^^; Hopefully can sort that out soon.

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Looking at tags for different streams of content, rather than different accounts. Will try out for transformation microfics, like I'd put on ^^

Pouch network. All kangaroo pouches are linked, so if you get pushed into one you can pop out of another.

Extended pouch network. All pouches of all species are linked. It's likely you'll end up changing size or species using this network, though... 💜

me: ugh, I need to take it easy today
cuddles, wholesome TFs, why don't I work out more of shopkeeper anteater
here's Plum the spider, they are an eldritch spider-void with a permeable shadow, go on have a look *don't fall in*
me: oh it's 10am how did that happen

TF blanket that changes you as you sleep, or any time you cocoon yourself up in it. ❤️

Pushing you into my drawing app, turning you into my brush. Drawing you out into a sketch; no colours yet, doodled features, one line at a time, added, removed.

Cute eyes. Maybe a squirrel. A rat? Or a mouse? Hm, feeling like a possum. Let's sketch you into me. Hi Naomi~ 💜

Cool, you found a big box and wrote "TF device" on the side.
Hey, who let a fox get in? Let's just


Oh, a pretend TF machine? Cute!
Huh, how'd two foxes get in there? Come on, out you


The future: where wikis and online video tutorials show you in detail how to change your species, gender, age, size, and more. ❤️

Every day, dreaming of the sight of soft, deep eyes.
At the zoo, peeking through
at a binturong, so familiar,
that gaze, those eyes,
up close to the fence
as you pass through it,
turning grey and fluffy,
whiskers and tufty ears,
big paws and long tail;
welcome home~ 🖤

Yeah, this is the place with the lab accident that made someone a rat.

Well. Most staff quit. But actually getting new staff in was easy, Dunno why, maybe we got lucky?

Also weird, the number of accidents is going *up* with experience, not down. Head office is baffled...

Very specific curses #28: if someone wiggles their fingers at you and names an animal, that's what you turn into. Doesn't matter if you can't see or hear it.

For bonus points: if you ever change without warning, look around frantically for a bit and then run off~ 💜

If you're new to self-authorship, try a few months in random mode. Dials up a new appearance and personality for you, from every six hours to every week. Be the you that you'd never have thought of~ ❤️

It started as a silly hypothesis. People are rabbits.

But it couldn't be disproven. Repeatable results. High confidence. From schools to big labs. People are rabbits.

An experiment was carried out to settle this once and for all. That's why we celebrate Rabbit Day today. 🧡

Let's sprinkle you with fur, pull up your ears, tug out your tail and knead over your feet. Feeling hoppy, kangaroo? You're welcome! Round body, long snoot, a pouch if you'd like it; boing, bounce, squee~ ❤️

Get yourself a tail so big it's in a different time zone. 💜

You too can be lots of ferrets. 🧡

It's here in the fine print. By taking a kobold as a familiar, you agree to turn into a dragon.
They have made you pretty tiny though, haven't they? And is your tail a keyring? Aww, cute~ 💚

Relax. The secret is, you've always been goo. Makes you so much easier to transform. Shall we get started? ❤️

Just gonna send a little bit of your goo back in time, first. Oh, no reason...

Dressing one of my plush toys in your clothes, to pretend that you've turned into them? Yeah, that's pretty cute.

But you know, even cuter is having plushies that detect if this is happening and turn you into a plush anyway.

You're welcome~ 🧡

It's , so go put on that mystery collar you've been saving for a special occasion. Let's hear it click.
Good. Now, just a moment...
[downloading: arctic-fox]
There we go. How's that? Comfy?
[locked for: 24h]
Great! Have a nice day, foxy~

Hello! I'm Naomi. I'm a tiny white-eared opossum. Would you like to pop in for some tea? Just made up a pot.

Oh, you let me worry about how you could possibly fit in my little house... it'll be no bother. 💜

It's not that I'm bad at summoning spells. I'm just addicted to getting myself possessed.

Oops, should I be outside the circle? I always get that mixed up...

I'm running out of good clothes, but it's totally worth it. Oooh, there's paws and I can feel wings... gryphon?~ ❤️

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