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For the past few weeks there's an issue with where I'm not seeing any other toots outside of my instance, so if you're trying to get hold of me and I haven't responded, that's why. ^^; Hopefully can sort that out soon.

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Looking at tags for different streams of content, rather than different accounts. Will try out for transformation microfics, like I'd put on ^^

Two cuties toonily merging into one another, with a loud *schlooop*, until they're physically the same: a sweet new hybrid of themselves.
Thoughts blend and mix consensually, so their minds can mingle as much as they desire. A little, a lot, or being entirely in sync~ πŸ’œπŸ’œ

The last world I came up with was Peardrop, a magical rodent city built into a cluster of pear trees. You can visit, if you don't mind being a few inches tall, or if you're already that small. Typically visitors will choose to be rodents as well, but that's up to you. πŸ€β€οΈ

There's no way you should fit in the snug latex otter 'suit. And yet somehow you do, squeezed tight, small, cute, smooth; sealed, no zip, no way in or out, feeling every touch as though it's your hide, no sign of being anything other than a soft, blank otter-shape. Mmf!~ πŸ’œ

tf, upside down, tailmaw 

Cursed Renamon gloves. I thought they'd be a nice surprise, but I wasn't expecting them to be worn like socks. Upside-down , warm and soft and fluid, until there's a confused new Renamon and a huge, swishy, self-aware tail complete with maw. Oops!~ πŸ’›

Today's book selection:
Being a Unicorn
Unicorn for Newbies
Help, I'm a Unicorn!
Turning into a Unicorn While Reading the Title of This Book

Welcome to Goocat.

You're here as you've been absorbed and changed by a fellow Goocat. Your physical form is now Goo; sapient, elastic, self-organising, non-terrestrial.

We tend towards Earth felines, but really you can be anything you want.
Shall we start the tutorial? πŸ’™

Or the park, if today's the day to find your favourite spot and make it yours; taking the shape that comes to mind, finding the pose you'd like to keep as a statue, bigger, relaxed, thoughts drifting. Stone or wood? Maybe a fountain? See where the change takes you... 🧑

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Or a day to head out with the automatic pump, nozzle tight in muzzle, sit back and puff up, softer and shinier and stretchier the bigger you get; pudgy, pear-shaped, bubbled. Parade float, weather balloon, or just a nice big squeaky ball, let's see~ ✨

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It's a day to cuddle up with a favourite plushie, falling into swirly hypnotic eyes, getting more relaxed and snug, becoming a plush too. Maybe like them, maybe different, whatever comes to mind; warm and velvet soft, light and daydreamy, no thoughts, only toy~ ❀️

I love to be digital,
when I say
"you're being digitised"
you're sampled,
rough edges
and jittery points
made smooth.

you'll always be a ferret
in that chassis,
curved, shiny,
in ten years,
or a thousand;
parts replaced,
but still you. πŸ’™

Possum pouches that cause possum . Like this one right here. It's bigger than it looks. Careful, you might fall in...
... and up you come! Got you. Gosh, same colours, cream and brown, pink paws, pink tails, we could be twins. πŸ’œ

Feel each word, shaping you. Stretch out those paws you have now. Let a tail join them, swish, curl. Fur bubbling and sprouting, grey and white, longer, fuzzier. Tall ears, long muzzle. Sounds become thoughts become truths, and you're a lovely husky, aren't you? Good doggy~

Such a clear night,
so many stars,
what if you
reach up
and touch;
crossing through space,
light, ethereal paws,
long wispy body
linking star to star,
and all you have to do
is leap up,
free of our world,
and take your place
as a dragon constellation ✨

Finding pine marten paws instead of feet.
Changing more into a marten the more those paws are massaged.
Short toony legs, slim fluffy tail, long body, cute snoot and ears.
So relaxed, dook dook~

Toony conservation of mass.
Pulling your ears out into long lop-bunny ears means your tail rolls up into a cute puffy ball.
Tugging your tail out longer just keeps making you smaller.
Poof, lots of tiny yous! Let's make some of them squirrels and then mix you back together...

So that's weird: I got a call which I apparently arranged, just to remind myself that I'm a dozen ferrets in a human shape.
... oh!
Oh yeah! How'd I forget that?
*tumbles into dooks*
*dook! dook dook? dook dook dook!...* 🧑

Dragons!! β€οΈπŸ§‘πŸ’›

Slowly does it, leaving the atmosphere. Picking up messages from the other voyagers out there, getting clearer as you ascend. Picking up speed, on to the edge of the system. Then growing, expanding out into your full space-faring corvid shape.
All systems: ready to go. πŸ–€

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Chosen by the huge, interstellar crow; eyes flash, link made. Downloading you. Eyes close, sensors open. Today's concerns: archived.
Soft green glow lines in your black chassis. Wing engines: warm. Looking up to your new mission: space. There's so much for you to explore. ✨

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