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Getting some odd behaviour: various toots with images, boosts, follow requests aren't reaching me; I can't always find accounts to follow in my client even though they exist; sometimes accounts show up with empty profiles.

Not sure what's up but if you're not hearing from me, that might be why!

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Looking at tags for different streams of content, rather than different accounts. Will try out for transformation microfics, like I'd put on ^^

#tf, plush, you 

Giant plushie kangaroo.
The more you hug it, the more it wakes up, moving and speaking; and the more of a toony plush critter you become.
Eventually you end up in its pouch, brought along for a fun hoppy day~ 💛

implied #tf, merge, toy, inanimate 

Shiny bat toy, with soft cosy wings, and big cuddles to fuse and mix and merge. Two or more cuties, together? Or toys, or clothes, or random objects~ 🖤🧡

implied #tf, custom, familiar, you 

Good. You're both happy with the hyena familiar design. Overnight, the automage cooks up the potion for you. Now you just have to drink it. 💜

#tf, goo, merge, mind, caw, you 

falling from space, found, dark, light, caught, kept, a curiosity; quiet, still, waiting

for you.

meeting your eyes, just a little peek, a touch, sharing thoughts, wants, needs, glooping, squishing, mixing, changing, brought together as one--

to spread your wings. caw. caw~

#tf, shrink, you 

Mood: Squeezed and shrunk.
* There's not much room in the cage, but you'll be a little critter soon.
* Pressing on your head, you'll get down to size in no time.
* Wrapped in wings, swallowed up, pouched, or cuddled so tight...
* "Drink me" potion. Surely it's just for show...?

#tf, shrink, toony, you 

Oh! You don't have enough shrink lines.
Here, let me add a few.
And a few more.
Down you go~ ❤️

#tf, you 

The first thing is to stretch your ears, long and thin, so I can whisper into them what an adorable bat you'll be.

Then, it's drawing out your wings. Bigger, and bigger still. You think they're sensitive now, imagine how good it'll be when you're flying.

Bat. You're a bat~ 🦇💜

#tf, toony, shiny, stuck, you 

Such a cute, toony deergon hood. Where's the rest of the outfit? Putting it on anyway, shivering, feeling it cling and merge; latex running down to coat and change, clawed paws and shiny hooves and flappy wings, nose swelling to fill the snout-- ohh, that answers that~ 💚

#tf, goo, you 

The auto-massager is so relaxing. Kneaded, squeezed, stretched. So easy to fall asleep to. Waking up hours later as a melty, bubbly goo puddle. Let's see, how about a porcupine mould today? Pour you in, wait to set. Snoot, paws, quills, aren't you a cutie! Same time next week? 💜

#tf, mind, hypno, you 

Nah, you say, ears stretching and tail blossoming as you swiftly turn into a fox-raccoon; hypnotism just doesn't work on you. Nice try though~ 🦊🦝

#tf, pet, you 

The brush has a fennec tail handle, and it feels warm as it teases out your ears, your fur, paws and tail; just roll over for belly rubs, there's a good fennec pet~ 💛

possibly #tf, you 

psst. you're a good critter. <3

minific, tail, you 

"I just got used to hiding it," they explain. "Otherwise it gets in the way. But I thought you might be okay with it."

You are. It feels good to learn a little secret. ❤️

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minific, tail, you 

The red panda is very shy. It's taken a few gentle requests before they'd even agreed to come out for a drink again. You're keen to learn more about them, but careful to let them set the pace.

"This is going to sound weird, but... do you mind if I let my tail down?"

The striped red panda tail just keeps getting longer, and longer, until it's twice wrapped around you both.

#tf, shrink, feral, you 

You are a mouse, paws pushing at the phone screen you're perched on, which says "TF COMPLETE" but doesn't seem to give an undo button. Oh dear~ ✨

tf, shiny, pooltoy, mind, you 

When there's a squeak, and you can't work out what it is, until you realise it's you, because you're a latex mouse pooltoy with squeaky soft paws.

Thinking back, you can't remember being changed, so maybe you were always this way? Quite a thing to forget! Silly mousetoy~ 🐀💜

#tf, feral, you 

You can see the figure going around, turning people into ferrets, picking them up and placing them into the cage. Dooks, squeaks, much wiggling.

You could leave, but why would you? It's your turn next. Dook dook dook~ ✨

#tf, feral, shrink, you 

You didn't have a scruff, but you do now. Dangling by it, shrinking, changing; little stoat paws and slinky stoat body and fluffy stoat fur.

Such a squirmy woozle you are. :3

#tf, silly, you 

Turn into someone changing into the act of transforming into a shift that results in becoming a different kind of playful, helpful adjustment; altered and remade, reformed, reforged, revised and improved and--

Oh? Get to the point? Okay, you're a coyote now. Yop~ 🧡🧡

#tf requests, writing 

Gonna do some short TF post requests. Feral and comfy would be ideal. ^^ Won't do them all, there's not really an order, have fun!

Something new: I'm keen to see TF posts from others. Put two plus signs ++ in your request if it's OK for other folks to write for you as well. ❤️

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