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For the past few weeks there's an issue with where I'm not seeing any other toots outside of my instance, so if you're trying to get hold of me and I haven't responded, that's why. ^^; Hopefully can sort that out soon.

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Looking at tags for different streams of content, rather than different accounts. Will try out for transformation microfics, like I'd put on ^^

#tf, abstract, you 

This commission is nearly done! But it's just missing something...
Oh yeah. You!
Falling into the page, spreading out as colour and sensation, one with the lines and the shape as you come back into focus; an adorable shiny shark, out for a swim.
Time to explore your new world? πŸ’œ

#tf, digital, you 

Going through town,
all the apps ping
when you're near:
a pair of ears here,
a slinky tail there,
snoot, paws,
wings? horns?
someone's silly prank
to leave you open,
custom, editable

and ever so flustered πŸ’œ

#tf, you 

That mood after a fairly intense deer TF where you're trying to convince anyone that you're really you. People just don't turn into deers... do they? πŸ’›

#tf, tail, you 

This post entitles the reader to one (1) sudden giant alligator tail TF. Ka-poof! Big, prehensile, cuddly. You like it? Might be a surprise at first, but try it out, get used to it, enjoy~ πŸ’š

#tf, you 

It's ! Your options are:
Be whatever you want to be. ❀️
Or, be whatever I want you to be. 🧑

tf, feral, shrinking, you 

You get to see the lemurs in this exhibit, but they also get to see you.
They'd like you to stay! Snuggled and surrounded by the group, and already starting to change, and shrink, and grow fur... πŸ’›

#tf, story, werecritter, pet, you 

Subtly technological second-person petplay, in my sort of future world where change is easy and fun. Also because getting to be a huge were-porcupine is always a plus. 🧑

#tf, you 

When your ears perk so much they end up cute, pointy, poking up from both sides of your head. Twitchy. Wiggly. Keen to be scritched. 🧑

tf, latex, rubber, toy, mind, you 

Just a dash of liquid latex. Slowly spreading.

Days, weeks. Bracelet. Anklet. Stocking. Arm warmer. Bodysuit. Clothing that doesn't come off.

Months. Years. Your new shiny rubber outfit. Paws? Tail?

Just your head to go. Won't take long.

It's organic. Stuck to you. Fusing with you. Your hide. Your ears. Your muzzle.

Hyena. Sounds good. Feels good. Is good.

Total conversion into a hyena toy, taking about three years.

And you couldn't be happier~

#tf, feral, pet 

I'd just started to pack, when she brought out the pet carrier and clipped on my collar.
This was the plan all along, as she made me her pet skunk: shrinking me, teasing out my ears and nose, combing through my stripes. Reh reh~ πŸ’œ


Dook! Woke up in this pile of clothes! And there were people all around who were loud for a bit so I hid under the couch.

It's quieter now. There's someone who pets and brings food and seems distracted sometimes, but I nibble their fingers and that helps.

Sleep time! Zzz...

#tf, goo, merge, mind 

Don't mind me, just daydreaming about goo TF and folks stirred together to slowly, inevitably, completely merge; physical forms first, then thoughts linked and mixed, individual senses of self pressed so tightly together until there's nothing to separate them. <3


"Turn me into a dragon, and let me stay with you."
[That's drastic. You'd be leaving everything behind.]
"I'm fine with that. I suspect you had the same choice, once."
"Otherwise it's just you, alone in these caves."
[This isn't about me.]
"Perhaps it could be about us?" ❀️

#tf, goo, you 

I'm just going to leave this highly corruptive nanogoo jackal mask here, unguarded, for a few minutes. You're not going to try it on in the meantime, and get transformed and helplessly overwhelmed by it, are you? You sure?~ πŸ’™

implied #tf, apto-ish, daydreamy 

Features you might not imagine. Firm, rough horns, or a long, supple trunk. Webbed toes, or big, flat bird feet. A shell that scrapes, jostles, cuddles. Hooves, shod or bare; single feathers, scales, claws. False scents and sounds; white noise that tingles like echolocation. πŸ’œ

implied #tf, digital/latex/goo 

It's made out of transformative nanite latex goo, with a long prehensile tail, hypnotic plates in the eyes and ears, and a cunning AI that's always learning-- oh, it's behind me, isn't it... πŸ‘€

#tf, future, digital/goo?, you 

The future: this collar marks you as openly malleable, so anyone who walks by can just get their paws/pseudopods/etc on you, and start reshaping you right there and then. Small subtle changes, or fold and knead you like putty and start over, or anywhere in between. πŸ’š

#tf, song, you 

🎡 Hold your partner, not too tight,
Stretch and tease their ears so light,

Stroke their face into a snout,
Brushing warm fur all about,

Spread their arms out into wings,
Flap and snug and dance and sing,

Not birds or mice, not bees or rats,
Both of you make lovely bats! 🎡

implied #tf, synth, stuck, merge, mind 

Ferret synth suit. One-piece, stretches or snugs to fit. Range of colours. Self-aware. Can be locked on a timer, or indefinitely. Can fully merge with the wearer, allowing personalities to mix together, a little or a lot.

Wanna try them out? πŸ’œ

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