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For the past few weeks there's an issue with where I'm not seeing any other toots outside of my instance, so if you're trying to get hold of me and I haven't responded, that's why. ^^; Hopefully can sort that out soon.

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Looking at tags for different streams of content, rather than different accounts. Will try out for transformation microfics, like I'd put on ^^

tf, bite, lycanthropy, swap 

Wereferret and werehyena bite each other at the same time.

The change is quick, the two swap species: ferret getting bigger and more cackly, yip yip; hyena shrinking and slinking, dook dook!

It's okay, this happens every full moon~ πŸŒ•

tf, plush, you 

Hey, have you seen my chocobo plush?
It's about your size,
velvet soft, like you,
with wings like yours,
just as cuddly as you are,
with a saddle like you have,
nice big beak, same as yours-
Ooh! There you are~ πŸ’›


It's , so it's a great day to be a bat! Feel free to join me~


Now, I'm not saying that I *don't* want you to turn me into a skunk,
because that'd be untrue. Yes please skunk at soonest opportunity thank you so much ❀️❀️

tf, mad science 

"What if we're going about this all wrong? Rather than kidnap people for transformative experiments, we could just open our doors to anyone who wants a change." ❀️

tf, mind, lost time, you 

You probably noticed I like TF without strings attached. Change is already difficult, why limit the imagination?

But, consider: you can be anything you want, but you'll wake up a whole day later; no idea what you were doing in those 24 hours.

Good, bad, unsure? 🧑

tf, tail, you 

Tail. as big as you are. with a cute friendly maw and the power to transform anything it nibbles. and it nibbles you a -lot-. see, now you're turning into a snow leopard. just sit back and watch, and enjoy. mow~ πŸ’œ

tf, 2D, inanimate-ish, toony, multi 

Turned into a fluffy badger,
squeezed down onto paper,
copied over and over,
framed, under glass,
animated, interactive,
cute living badger prints~

tf, inanimate, merge, squeak, you 

Snuggled by your giant rubber rat. Squeak. Falling into their embrace, feels like wearing them, like merging with them, becoming one. Squeak. Paws, muzzle, tail, thoughts; all full of squeak. Squeak! Squeak~ πŸ€

tf, collar, pet play, you 

Wearing the collar gives me full control of your form, pet. How about a perfect purple poodle? Fur and ears, tail and paws, cutie snoot...

Taking the collar off doesn't change pet back, though. Pet will have to put it back on and ask nicely~ πŸ’œ

tf, self 

Today's two moods:
* being productive
* quiet realisation that if someone told me a species to be, I'd possibly melt and change into one, and there isn't a lot I could do about it, and wouldn't that be fun~ @.@

tf, rubber, caw, mindplay, you 

It's only when putting on the rubber crow suit that you realise:
you don't recognise this rubber crow suit, and
you're not sure why you're putting on a rubber crow suit, but
it does fit so perfectly well, and
caw, caw caw, caw? caw caw caw, caw~ πŸ–€

implied tf, you 

"By the time you read this, I'll be an anteater. You're still welcome to join me. Just sink your hands into the glass, turn them into paws. At least peek through, see through anteater eyes, feel your new snout, before you decide." ❀️

tf, plush, tail, you 

Safe: being collared by someone you trust, wrapped up snug in a long tail, and transformed into a soft plushie. Time to relax, quiet thoughts, kept warm and good and safe~ πŸ’œ

tf, plush, you 

Cuddle all the small soft critter plushies, until you turn into a small soft critter plushie. πŸ’œ

tf, shiny, melting, clones, you 

Melting into a shiny puddle.
Waiting for someone to come by.
Letting them plunge in with a splash.
Out they come, a new squeaky raccoon.
Full of the urge to lead others here,
to step on,
and fall in,
and join us~ πŸ’›

tf, you 

When your mad science stat is so high that any time you mix ingredients, you transform.
Adding ice to a drink? Poof, suddenly penguin!
Baking a pie? Blackbird is a nice look~
Oh, a latte? You'll be such a bouncy squirrel!

tf, multi, shy 

Shy the hyena on live camera, bashfully letting viewers know that every time they press the button, he'll split off more yeens. Pop, pop, pop; two, three, four, more... 🧑

tf, hivemind, multi, digital 

Today's moods: being a bunch of skunks pretending to be human
Or, a skunk furry designed to make it possible to talk with a skunk hivemind
Or, a virtual skunk who is the collective identity of a network of skunk synths

Basically: skunks, lots of them ❀️

tf, tail, you 

Why not be an otter? Sleek hide, little ears, big round snoot, webby paws, and with a fwoomph, a surprise giant rudder tail! Changing in the shower or bath, the pool or the rain or the sea; just add water and it's otter time, chirp!~ πŸ’™

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