Is it just me, or is it IMPOSSIBLE to find a TLS/SSL certificate provider which gives signing certificates (for code/PDFs) for a correct price? With bonus points if said certificate can be stored on a Yubikey?

Is there a designer who (even remotely) knows me and my personality, whom I could commission for font advice/making for a PDF publication?

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#🔖 A nice article about Rust’s Cow (clone-on-write smart pointers) used to implement FizzBuzz –

#🔖 A libre Windows port of the very useful macOS QuickLook feature –

Firearm discussion 

In the meantime (= while I’m undergoing paperwork for getting a semi-auto rifle in France), I’m on the hunt for the “best” GBBR (airsoft) M4 in the €500–€700 price range at most.

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#🔖 A speculative model of classifying hyperlinks and their connections –

Firearm discussion 

I tried a Colt M4 for the very first time in my life. And now I’m like, “shut up and take my money”! 😆

Yeah, that hobby is a money sink. Much more than analog photography. 😅

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A little bit of #transformation 

I don't think hypnosis works on me. All that spinning, swirling and drifting
and colours, sweet murmurs
your voice, I only hear you
five, four, three, two, one
my cute rounded ears
silly pointy pink nose
little needly claws
my long pink tail
wake up, I'm a

People seem to really like how my ’sona looks with a penguin bottom instead of a pine marten one! I might go for this version in the future!

“You are basically a reverse gryphon.” 😆

Thank you, April Fools’ Day! You allowed me to find & report a bug about an upside-down interface on Mozilla Screenshots.

An example on how people pranking other people can improve free software! 😋

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On July 2013, I was undergoing the “Piscine” selections at my school 42 ( At one point, the next month’s candidates came for check-in, and someone asked “how can we (gently) scare them?”

“Easy, just tell them the truth – we work 15 hours a day, mostly for nothing since we end up getting a null grade for an extra space we forgot to remove in a file. xD”

I love this school.

Henlo mustelid frens! I am very proud of using my own Mastodon instance!

I hope you will find pleasure in reading my toots about computer programming, ballistics, analog photography, drawings perhaps!

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